How to Download Twitter Videos By VideoMUD?

VideoMUD is super easy to use and you can get Twitter videos you like downloaded by two methods.

Method A

  • Open Twitter and click the tweet which contains videos you would like to download.

  • Click on the tweet, then click the arrow at the top right corner of it and choose "Copy link to Tweet" (you can also copy the link from address bar of the browser directly).

  • Paste the tweet link in the input url box, and click on "Download" button. An example link is attached below:


Method B

  • Click "Search Users" at the top right corner of the page and turn to the search page.

  • Input the username you would like to search in the box and click on the "Search" Button, then choose the users you are looking for in the search results.

  • Click on "Download" on the posts you would like to download.